Friends: our studios might be closed, but we are now live online! Please join us and your favorite teachers for a live streaming class on Zoom by clicking “Join Us” below at the scheduled time each week. If you don’t already have Zoom, you will be prompted to install it on your phone or computer prior to your first class. Check this page frequently for the latest updates to the combined TYR / WF / PW schedule as more of our teachers add classes. All classes are approximately 1 hour long and subject to technology limitations and internet hopefully not breaking down during this world shutdown.

We know a lot of you might be experiencing financial difficulties during this shutdown; for now, we will be using this platform and ALL classes are FREE for all. Please consider donating to our Staff Support Fund on GoFundMe instead to help out our teachers who have lost their income:

Hope to see you all soon in person. Stay healthy!

Day Time Class Teacher Zoom Link
Monday 9:00 AM Vinyasa Kendall Join Us
Monday 11:00 AM Barre Fit Karen Join Us
Monday 12:30 PM Mat Pilates Daniel G Join Us
Monday 3:30 PM Vinyasa Flow MaryJoanna Join Us
Monday 5:00 PM Yin & Meditation Masako Join Us
Tuesday 7:30 AM Mat Pilates Nicole B Join Us
Tuesday 11:00 AM Vinyasa Foundations Juliana Join Us
Tuesday 12:30 PM Bootcamp Alex & Dean Join Us
Tuesday 4:00 PM Slow Flow & Restore Angela Join Us
Tuesday 6:00 PM Vinyasa Flow Effie Join Us
Tuesday 7:30 PM Barre Fit Stephanie L Join Us
Wednesday 9:00 AM Sculpt & Tone Jen B Join Us
Wednesday 11:00 AM Hot or Not Yoga 60 Sigrid Join Us
Wednesday 3:30 PM Mat Pilates Bianca Join Us
Wednesday 6:00 PM Vinyasa Stephanie N Join Us
Wednesday 7:30 PM Yoga & Meditation Nikki Join Us
Thursday 9:00 AM Mat Pilates Jenn S Join Us
Thursday 11:00 AM Barre Fit Morgan Join Us
Thursday 12:30 PM Iyengar Sheila Join Us
Thursday 3:00 PM Stretch & Meditation Masako Join Us
Thursday 4:30 PM Vinyasa Flow Victoria Join Us
Thursday 6:00 PM Vinyasa Eddie Join Us
Friday 9:00 AM Mat Pilates Christina G Join Us
Friday 11:00 AM Barre Fit Erin Join Us
Friday 3:30 PM Vinyasa Flow MaryJoanna Join Us
Friday 5:00 PM Stretch & Restore Natalia Join Us
Friday 6:30 PM Hot or Not Yoga 60 Nick Join Us
Saturday 7:30 AM Morning Wake Up Wesley Join Us
Saturday 9:00 AM Vinyasa Ingrid Join Us
Saturday 10:30 AM Scultp & Tone Stephanie L Join Us
Saturday 12:30 PM Iyengar Ulpa Join Us
Saturday 2:00 PM Yoga Basics Anne Join Us
Saturday 3:30 PM Barre Fit Karen Join Us
Sunday 9:00 AM Mat Pilates Eric Join Us
Sunday 10:30 AM Vinyasa Flow Victoria Join Us
Sunday 12:00 PM Iyengar Flo Join Us
Sunday 1:30 PM Prenatal Yoga Juliana Join Us
Sunday 3:30 PM Yin & Restorative Jen B Join Us
Sunday 6:30 PM Pilates Roll to Release Jenn S Join Us